Cave Kayaking and Jungle Full Day Expedition

It is that special feeling that stimulates all your senses … you can only do it in two places in Belize – one being part of a crowded cruise ship tourism route – we do it in a quiet, secluded, and pristine section of the Maya Mountains and close to Belmopan, the capital city.

It is hard to imagine floating while you have control of yourself – your kayak –  through the jungle and then being engulfed by a black hole of darkness. One after the other, black hole after black hole, mountain after mountain, your guide at the front and only your headlamps to shine the way. This is a river of caves, five caves through Indian Creek in Five Blues Lake National Park.

Your choice, you, the river, and the cave system become one. You and Belize in an adventurous activity that can only be done in a few countries throughout the world.

$ 95.00 USD per person. Tax included. Minimum 4.

Contact us for more information. We are happy to help put together you Belize adventure menu.

Approximately 7 hours

9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

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