Overnight Jungle and Cave Kayaking Expedition


There are only a few countries with the right topography for this unique, intrepid, and adrenaline-filled sport to be possible. Our Maya Mountains offer many miles of underground rivers. While kayaking through the Jungle you get to practice your paddling and steering of the kayak before seeing a rock wall with a cave and the river going into it. You emerge on the other side of the mountain and there is a jungle. After a few meanders, there is another tunnel and the excitement continues taking you through 5 different caves.

Welcome to Indian Creek Cave System within Five Blues Lake National Park – nature-filled and away from the crowds. A tour of a high degree of adventure awaits you while your guides focus on your safety and maximum fun-filled two days. Sleep in jungle hammocks and explore the many caves and archaeological wonders left behind by the ancient Mayas as there is still so much to be discovered.

$ 255.00 USD per person. Tax included. Minimum 2

Contact us for more information. We are happy to help you customize your Belize Adventure menu.

2 nights 3 days

Departure: Between 8 or 9 AM

Moderate – difficult

  • Food not provided. Must bring your own food (It’s like a survival tour)
  • Camping gear optional

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