Birding in Belize


A small country with complex and pristine overlapping habitats – a world-class birding destination – awaits you. With over 500 bird species, this is the perfect setting for bird lovers who are constantly seeking to view and capture that special moment within the amazing harmony of nature.

The Belize Tourism Board and Belize Audubon Society have embarked on new efforts to strengthen bird conservation and bird tourism and we are proud to be part of those efforts as well. We offer early morning birding, full-day-birding as well as multi-day birding tours for the avid bird lovers that find so much peace and harmony in the efforts to preserve biodiversity.

The northeast quadrant of the Maya Mountains is a very unique bird habitat and we are based in it. We are so close to the St. Herman’s Blue Hole National Park which partly sits within the CavesBranch River Valley, we are also so close to the Sibun River Valley and the Belize River Valley, another great birding habitat.

Early Morning Birding US$ 45.00 per person, 2-3 hours, minimum 2

Half Day Birding US$75.00 per person, minimum 2

Multi-day/customized birding tours

Contact us for more information. We are happy to help put together your Belize Birding Vacation.

6 AM – 8 AM (Shor)

6 AM – 12 PM (Long)


All required equipment is included.