Crystal Cave: into Wonderland

This is a world-class ceremonial crystal cave that physically and spiritually challenges you to make it to “Wonderland”, a sacred realm where spirits and gods shared their quest for the heavens. The impressive evidence of human sacrifices and the expression of limestone minerals deep underground is astonishing.

Experience the mesmerizing effect that the ancient Maya saw in the underworld, the dancing flames from their wooden torches lighting the way through dancing crystals and spirits of their ancestors. Visited by many top world cavers looking for that spectacular yet rare glimpse of nature, in this case, magical and supernatural, Crystal cave will make you emerge anew and with a deep sense of restored self-confidence.

Join us on this highly recommended day tour and feel your heartbeat deep underground.

$ 90.00 USD per person. Minimum # 2.

Contact us for more information. We are happy to help put together your Belize Adventure menu

6 hours

9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Moderate – Difficult

Tour includes

  • Lunch
  • All needed equipment
  • Long hiking pants and
  • T-shirt
  • Well-treaded tennis shoes or hiking boots
  • Bring extra change of clothes

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